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Communication for any business is important, either from customer service's or your dedicated account manger 

Providing a huge selection of services all in one place

Account manager

 your own operations manager bringing your brand to millions of customers worldwide. Giving you the confidence and reassurance that your company is in safe hands.

Direct point of call.

Customer service team

Our team is your Team...from order amendments or cancelations. inbound bookings, inventory queries, portal advise...

here to help when you need it.​

No need to outsource your outsource....

"We should of joined earlier"

account/customer service


We offer a huge range of platform integration's....once you've found your
shopping cart, marketplace its a few simple steps and your ready to go! 
if we haven't covered your platform please contact us and we will have a solution 

Shopping carts


just because it wasnt listed doesnt mean we cant integrate, contact us


What if?

We understand the importance of getting your goods live as fast as possible. We help all our clients and their customers by providing the fastest Inbound receipt on the market. Take a look for yourself on the portal watch your inventory grow. Why our process helps your business if any of the below occur

  • delays with your supplier.

  • lost in transportation.

  • unpredictable weather.

  • Documentation.

  • Congestion.

  • damaged in transportation.

How we resolve it

All of the what if, can cause huge impact on your business, unfortunately we aren't In Control of that but what we are in control of is getting your goods on our system which updates all your platforms for a quick turn around once your goods arrive. Other areas we can help and assist in are

  • cross docking

  • quick pick 

  • ring fence

  • back orders


The moment your goods leave the supplier, Dioscuri Fulfilment are ready to take your goods to the next level. 

We receive your goods into our secure fulfilment warehouse. We check the goods carefully and sign on your behalf as the receiver. We digitally record the proof of delivery, before sending these to you via email. We check your goods are individually barcoded from cartons to units - if required we will give each of your item types a unique SKU barcode sticker. Your product is then carefully stored in its new location.

How we resolve!


Storage solutions

At Dioscuri fulfilment we have multiple storage options  to choose from, but best of all you only pay for what you use.

Stored in our secure warehouse facilities fitted with 24/7 CCTV.

Consolidation of your goods in a controlled process. We don't just reduce your stock overnight, everything we do is planned and run through you first for confirmation. 

We cover as many areas as we can when it comes to storage methods we offer pallet racking locations, shelving, pick points and even fixed floor locations. 

Our stock manager regularly performs PI checks. At stock or location level to ensure accuracy. 


Pick & Pack

We don't just specialise in E-commerce order fulfilment, we are speciates in all order fulfilments B2B, B2C, 3PL and FBA


selling in bulk to your retailers, wholesaler or trade customers no matter the size we have a solution. All orders are checked to ensured that your customer specifications are met or exceeded!


Our software automates the picking & packing process removing human error and increases efficiency, ensuring the correct goods reach your customers without fail. We carefully package your goods for shipment with one of our world-class carriers.

pick & pack
Copy of Copy of Virtual Assistant Business Card (28).png


Dioscuri Fulfilment ensure you get access to the best rates available




We ensure all your orders are sent out on a same-day basis. We achieve 99.9% same-day dispatch for the orders we receive.

Offering you our affordable carrier rates from the best carriers on the market.

Check your portal and see the progress live it even uploads your tracking numbers in one place and easy to find.

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